SWOT: presentation leaflet

The presentation leaflet of SWOT produced by Cnes on 2015 shows Climate and water issues, SWOT response, France/USA cooperation, Innovative concept of the Karin instrument, Calendar, the funding, the donwstream preparatory program, Potentiel applications...

SWOT will provide 2D maps of water elevations with a vertical accuracy of 24mm over ocean and 10 cm over continental surfaces (averaging over 1 m²of surface areas), of 1.7 cm/km on estimated water slopes and 25% on masks water.
SWOT will characterize the mesoscale and sub-mesoscale circulation at spatial resolution of about 15 km and more.
SWOT will provide a comprehensive inventory of all inland water bodies whose surface is at least 250 m × 250 m (lakes, wetlands, reservoirs) and rivers with a minimum width of 100 m. SWOT will measure variations in water storage and river flow discharge at monthly, seasonal and annual scale.


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